Seven Reasons to Visit Greece

The People

When it comes to hospitality and welcoming people Greece is the place to go. You can always expect a friendly and warm welcome and experience.

The Food

Greek food is alone a good reason enough to visit Greece. It’s so diverse and delicious, and often reasonably priced as well. And they aren’t cheap when it comes to portions.

Some Greek dishes you should try:

Greek salad

The History

Modern civilization has a lot to thank the Ancient Greeks for, and today we can enjoy the beautiful and interesting history that took place here. Lots of old temples, structures, art and historical places to explore. If you like history, you won’t be disappointed!

Good Nightlife

During summer, Greece offers its visitors some of the best nightlife scenes in all of Europe with plenty of festivals and big music events. In addition to that, there are many nightclubs and bars that are open until the sun goes up!

The Beaches

Sand, pebbles and cliff beaches are plenty to be found, Greece has a beach for everyone.


This ancient place might just be one of the most fascinating and beautiful places in all of Europe. Monasteries set on top of cliffs that stretches far up in the sky makes a unique experience and sight.


Greece has always been a budget-friendly destination compared to other popular destinations around Europe, and you can easily have a nice vacation with good food and accommodation without breaking the bank.
While there is still some economic issues within the country, this is not something that concerns tourists, and the prices are more or less the same as usual. If you go beyond the most touristic spots you will find lower prices as well.