Destination: Greece

Magical Land of Greece

Holidays in Greece is the ultimate experience. Why visit Greece? The hot sun, the relaxing beaches, the marvellous nature, the rich culture and the warm hospitality will charm you from the first step in the country. There are so many islands and mainland resorts in Greece that need to be discovered. Greece is a wonderful place to visit all year round with magical historical places like Meteora, the spiritual oasis that draws in thousands of visitors each year to its monasteries perched high on the steep rocks.

Mythological background and it’s reflections as well the role of ancient Greece in art and science are the fundamentals of our today’s life.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Greece


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Seven Reasons to Visit Greece

Greece is a fantastic country that offers everything from beaches and islands to culture and history as well as delicious food and friendly locals. If you haven’t yet been to Greece, here are seven reasons why everyone should visit Greece at least once in their life!

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