When you are done with the common you turn to the special. In holidays the special is the thematic vacations.

Some of the thematic holidays mostly demanded are wine tours. Greece & Turkish is a place where wine was part of everyday life since the antiquity. Ancient Greeks & Turkish appreciated good wines and respected those who produced them. They even had a god, Dionysus, that was the patron god of winery and enjoying life along with good, and sometimes plenty, wine. Every part of Greece & Turkey has its own wine varieties and thus there is an endless sequence of steps to discover them.

Greek & Turkish cuisine moves along with wine to its great variety. All regions of the county pride themselves for their tasty recipes, cooked by local ingredients. More than that, Greek & Turkish cuisine leads the way with to what is called “healthy Mediterranean diet”. So, not only tasty but healthy too, gourmet tours in Greece & Turkey are a great choice.

Let alone the traditional Greek & Turkish hospitality that adds immensely to the friendly atmosphere one encounters during this kind of holidays in Greece & Turkey. 

Special interests are programmed for our professional teams according to the request of the person. The types we commonly provide are as follows.: Education, Culture, Adventure, History, Religion, Health,Wellness, Sport & Entertainment

  • Culinary
  • Music & Art
  • Natural Wonders
  • Golf Getaways
  • Walking & Hiking & Biking
  • Eco-Tours
  • Agriculture

and more...