As Intra World, we are also specialized on tailor-made tours. All we need from our guests is their time-line and what they want to experience. Our highly skilled team will do the rest for our guests.

Intra World provides a full range of services for individual travelers, from city breaks to beach holidays and honeymoons to fixed itinerary coach tours.

  • City Breaks
  • Multi-Center Holidays
  • Luxury Services
  • Tailor Made Programs
  • "Off the Beaten Track" Itineraries
  • Transfers
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Shore & City Excursions
  • Regular Departure Tours (SIC)

City Breaks

City Break is the ultimate choice  for those who want to feel the pulse of an urban destination. Offering the opportunity to reveal the true character of a city, exploring all the hubs and the hidden spots, tasting culinary delicacies of local cuisines, together we will create memories that will never be forgotten.

Greece has become one of the most popular City Breaks destinations among experienced travelers around the world.

Our team of experts has carefully crafted each itinerary, designed to offer unique  experiences. Starting from Athens, the capital of Greece, and going north all the way to Thessaloniki and to the idyllic island of Crete. Each Greek city has its own authentic colors and a unique urban character, different features and qualities but the same unique Greek hospitality and famous local gastronomy.

For those who wish to dare we can take your City Breaks even further, to many appealing cities around the world.  Our  perfectly balanced itineraries, smartly combine free time with historical and cultural visits escorted with our experienced tour guides.

Istanbul has made a name for itself among the list of the world’s hot new places to visit – it is no exaggeration to say that it is now one of Europe’s hippest, most exciting cities. The city features stylish new restaurants fronted by big-name chefs, trendy bars and waterfront clubs frequented by Europe’s in-crowd, not to mention sumptuous boutique hotels drawing on the vision and eclectic influences of award-winning young Turkish designers.

Whether for FIT, back-to-back groups or one-off charter operations covering thousands of beds, Intra World ’s experience is second to none. We offer you informed advice and up-to-date information backed by our formidable buying power, which ensures excellent value for money in all your arrangements.

Multi Center Holidays

Multi-centre vacations allow you to arrange your vacation as a single, easy-to-follow itinerary, eliminating the stress of figuring out where to go and what to see while you're gone. If you're unsure about how to make the most of your stay abroad, look no further. Our Destination Experts have put together some spectacular multi-destination vacations that may be customized to incorporate all of your greatest vacation fantasies.

Enjoy a multi-trip vacation to your favorite beach spot, as well as a cultural break or city tour. Why not shop until you drop at Istanbul's finest shopping malls and bazaars, then escape to Chalkidiki for a bit of tropical paradise?

Luxury Services

It is when working with the most discerning of clients that Intra World really comes into its own. Our many years’ experience as bespoke travel designers have resulted in excellent contacts with the finest establishments in Turkey – whether your client wants to hire a private helicopter, an exclusive yacht, or find the ideal beachfront retreat, we already have it at our fingertips. When money is no object, attention to detail and the highest standards of service become all the more important. Especially when expectations are high, we always aim to exceed and not merely to meet them.

We have the imagination to offer your clients something unique, the vision to create breath-taking experiences and the knowledge and contacts to make sure that all arrangements are executed to the highest of standards.

Talior Made Programs

For the most discerning of travelers we can offer a fully custom designed programs, the ultimate in tailor-made travel with access to the very best which each destinations has to offer. This, of course, includes not only the most exclusive of hotels but also private jet charter.

At Intra World we will use our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the destinations to put together the best possible itinerary for your clients, staying at hotels to suit their tastes and budget. We make it a priority to take time to find out exactly what it is your clients want and then to plan carefully so that we can find the best way to provide it for them.

"Off the Beaten Track" Itineraries

Leave the crowds of visitors behind and go on an off-the-beaten-path adventure to some of the world's most remote locations. We're just as adventurous as you are, and we spend time exploring the lesser-known sections of our destinations, where we discover a depth of culture matched only by the paucity of tourists. We use this first-hand experience to plan tours to remote parts of the globe, which are sometimes only accessible by boat or light aircraft.


We know how much those all-important first – and last – impressions count, so for us transfers and transportation are not just about getting your clients from A to B. They are also about on-time pick-ups and arrivals, not to mention getting them to their destination as swiftly, safely and comfortably as possible. Whether it’s an air-conditioned minibus with leather seats, a limousine or a private helicopter for a high-end private transfer or sparkling late-model coaches with freshly disinfected toilets for a large group, we always provide the best possible service at the best rate available.

Guides & Drivers

Intra World has an exceptional team of guides and drivers, all of whom are fully licensed and have superior qualifications. Our guides are not one-size-fits all. Each of them specializes in just one or two languages, because we believe that guides need to know more than just visitors’ language – they need to understand visitors’ own cultures: how they like to travel, what they like to see and how to help them best experience at each destination. All of our guides have worked with Intra for many years, and we carefully track their performance to ensure maximum visitor satisfaction. Our team of over three-dozen guides are culturally sensitive professionals and allow us to provide outstanding service in every major world language. While many companies overlook drivers, we believe they are a key component in visitors’ experience. We work only with drivers who have extensive tourism experience, spotless driving records and a friendly, positive attitude.

Hotel Bookings

Whether your clients prefer a world-famous 5-star luxury hotel or an intimate designer property we are sure to have something to suit. Intra World has excellent relationships with the best hotels in every category from 3-star and special license to deluxe, allowing us to make certain that your guests enjoy accommodations that exactly suit their needs and budget, just one more way we help to ensure their satisfaction. Intra’s B2B online booking site designed and owned by herself, is a big bonus for partners. It holds a large collection of hotels with live allotments to book anytime of day from anywhere in the world.

Shore & City Excursions

No matter what the length of your clients’ stay in Turkey or Greece, we’ll help them make the most of their time here. Tailor-made to individual requirements, our shore excursions and day-tours are escorted by carefully selected professional guides fluent in several languages. Besides daily tours and we can also arrange one-day sightseeing tours.

Regular Departure Tours (SIC)

One of the best ways to appreciate its sheer size and diversity is with a coach tour to the most popular of its many tourist attractions. Our knowledgeable guides enhance your clients’ travel experience, offering real insight into Turkish & Greek history, culture and traditions, sharing with you their in-depth knowledge of and passion for our spectacular country.

Intra has a schedule of coach tours with regular departure dates which are available for individuals and small groups who are looking for an enjoyable and hassle-free way to discover Turkey’s & Greece's natural and historic wonders. Our scheduled coach tours are not only a great way to discover the country, they also provide exceptional value for money for individuals, families and small groups.