One of the best ways to explore Turkey’s vast cultural and historic riches, and her spectacular landscape is by coach. Benefit from our guaranteed departure tours, escorted by one of our experienced professional guides, fluent in the language of your group.

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Biblical Programs

Intra World is committed to offering excellent biblical tours and employing biblically trained tour operators. Several typical itineraries are used to organize excursions to biblical locations. We do, however, offer "customized" trip itineraries to meet the needs of our visitors, including churches, travel agencies, and individuals.

By seeing old Christian locations and observing behaviors that are reminiscent of biblical references, travelers can obtain a better understanding of Christian history and theology as well as personal motivation in their search.

Turkey and Greece are pivotal points on the stage where Western Civilization's history has been enacted. The people who lived here and those who went through Turkey were all part of the social matrix from which Judaism and subsequently Christianity sprang. From Noah through Paul, there are people in the Bible who left accounts of their activity in Turkey. Early Christianity developed and expanded in Turkey and Greece, eventually becoming the Roman Empire's state religion by the end of the fourth century.

Cultural Tours

From weekends in Istanbul to group travel tailored to any interest - intense study, archaeological tours and gourmet wine tasting are just some of the areas of interest we have recently catered for - Intra World has the knowledge and the infrastructure to ensure your groups’ discovery of Turkey is as enjoyable as it is successful. Whether for a coach tour or a daily excursion, we use only the most experienced and knowledgeable guides, many of whom are experts in their respective fields. Add to this the fact that we have a team of highly organized back office staff, you can be confident that your group is in safe hands.

Whether you want to arrange a tour of the Seven Churches of Revelations or a bird-watching expedition, our experience and expertise will prove invaluable. We’ll help you to put together a suitable itinerary to guarantee the best use of your group’s time, perhaps suggesting places of interest along the way that you may not have thought of. Our expert guides, proficient in a multitude of languages, are carefully selected with your group and its specific requirements in mind.